Yesterday I decided to take a walk through the city centre. I feel at home in Groningen even though I have only lived here for 6 years. As I walked aimlessly through the streets I looked around and thought to myself. What makes me feel at home here? The big buildings, the grand cafés or stores? No it’s the small things. The little suprises you’ll find if you take a look around. When I think of Groningen I think of the huge amount of students on their bicycles who rule the city. There’re bikes everywhere and used for almost anything. Nurses go from patient to patient on their bikes and students even move their furniture on their bikes.

Bikes everywhere

I love how the city still shows it’s little houses that have been here for years. Small houses in the centre are surrounded by big companies but keep their character. The houses are crooked and have aged but they make the city for what it is. It feels like a big small villages when I walk around. I love how traditions are still here. The market on tuesday is my favorite. I feel at home as I walk through it and pick my fruits and vegatables with care. I look at the amazing colours of the tulips and listen how people make small talk with each other. Even though it’s a rather big city, the market men know their customers who have been coming here for years. They talk about the weather which is never good enough. Either to wet, to dry, to hot or to cold. Dutch people like to complain, that doesnt mean they’re unhappy with things, it’s just the culture I guess.

I will be sharing more of my city in the future. But for now I wanted to share the thoughts  I had during a aimless walk.

Small houses in a big city
Tulips never disappoint me

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