PCOS Proof Smoothie Challenge 2

For the month February I took the challenge to drink one PCOS proof smoothie a day. So far the smoothies have been delicious! I was pretty scared that, because they are filled with vegatables, the taste wouldn’t be great. So that was a big relief. But on the other side has been drinking one a day very difficult. Out of the 7 days I have only succeeded to drink one at 4 of them. The days I didn’t accomplish to drink them, were the days I had to leave house very early and was gone for the whole day or I stayed at someone else their house.


Last post I talked about the benefits of drinking these PCOS proof smoothies. I have been diagnosed with PCOS in 2012 and luckily don’t have all the negative effects of it. But the ones I do have, I wanted to be minimalized. It is so difficult for woman with PCOS to lose weight because of so many reasons. Try to imagine being hungry all day, I mean really hungry. So shaking of it, feeling faint and craving sweet. PCOS is a hormonal disease and because of this disbalans of the hormones, the insulin levels in the blood get disrupted too. This causes this extreme hunger because the bloodsugar levels get to low and the insulin level too high.


This hunger is one of the reasons it makes it very difficult to stay on track with a diet which includes sugar. A second reason is because of the high level of insulin in the blood, fat is more difficult to burn for the body. As you can see, it’s a negative spiral that has to be broken. Beginning the day with a PCOS smoothie can help keep the bloodsugar level stable.


For today I wanted to share a recipe of this week. The taste is simple, smooth and soft. The ingrediënts are simple: 2 hands of andive lettuce, half a banana, half an avocado and 400 ml of water. If it is still to thick, you can just add some more water.

Thank you for reading and questions can be asked in the comment section below!


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