My street in Groningen


It seems like no time has past in my street since it was build. I have been living here nearly two years and every time it strikes me with it’s beauty. It feels like you go back in time. When the weather is nice I like to take a moment to appreciate it.

View from the bridge

This street was the first harbor of the city Groningen. The street name is ‘Lage der A'(low side of the A), the other side is the ‘Hoge der A'(high side of the A). The water in between is the ‘A’. One side is higher than the other which they got their names from.When the water was high, supplies would be delivered at the high side and when the tides were low on the lower side. There’re a lot of monumental building in this street: 28 national and 11 of the region. Some of the buildings are from the medieval times others are from the early 20th century. Big boats still lay here and tourist vessels go through the canals.  Rowing is a very popular sport among the students in Groningen. In the summer period you’ll find a lot of rowers going through these canals, enjoying the view and waving to people who are enjoying a beer at a terrace.

Lage der A 12-13

This building is build in 1885. It was used to stores supplies but now it’s an building full with condo’s. Some of them are used by students like mine but some are owned by one person. It makes a funny mixture of people in one street. There’re a vew bars like café ‘the sigar’ and restaurants like ‘the pipe’ but most of the buildings are used for living. All though it’s a street at the edge of the centre, it’s always very peacefull and quiet. If you ever happen to visit the city Groningen in the Netherlands,  I would recommend to look for this street and see the beauty for yourself.



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