PCOS Solutions(?)

A few weeks ago I ordered a book filled with recipes for PCOS-proof food. Beside the book I decided to take my chances with the supplement D-chiro-inositol. For people who have never heard of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome this all might sound totally unknown and probably for a lot of people who have PCOS it might also be an unknown supplement. So I will try to explain a bit more about it and will post my experiences later on.

Like every other syndrome is the PCO Syndrome a name for a collection of symptoms. The symptoms are: high level of testosterone, unregular menstruation and the cysts in the ovaries. These symptoms will bring other symptoms with them. The high production of testosterone can cause hairloss on your head and too much hair on the rest of your body, acne, weight gain, bingeing, mood swings and low energy. These symptoms can be very difficult to cope with. Like I said in my previous post the bingeing is something that is badly controlled but also overweight will make the symptoms worse.


The DCI supplement should help with these symptoms. DCI is a natural found substance in the body for people without PCOS. I will be taking this supplement for the upcoming 60 days and should feel more energetic, have better skin and it should make it easier to stop bingeing.

Having PCOS for several years now and learning more about it, makes me hopeful that I will have it under control some time in the future. When I first found out about my syndrome I felt lived by my body. I felt abandoned by it. After some years and listining to my body I try to work together and feed it like it should be fed.




2 thoughts on “PCOS Solutions(?)

  1. This is very interesting! I have some health issues and my doctor told me that, as a side effect, I could have problems with POS. Of course, I will have to check that out before jumping to conclusions (as I am usually highly energetic and not overweight) but this information helps šŸ™‚

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