Bootea, my favorite teatox

In the summer of 2014 was the first time I tried Bootea. It was recommended by my sister. Not only was promised that I should loose weight but: having a better skin condition, more energy and would my digestive system get better a better condition. I was sold because all of these things were problems I was having.

First of all the package is so cute and appealing. But besides that the tast is amazing. Of course this is only my opinion but I drink a lot of different kinds of tea. The day tea is a grean tea with a complex taste of different herbs. The night tea has a peppermint flavour to it. The smell is awful at first but the taste is fresh and smooth. There’s a diet plan on the site of Bootea which is low in chemicals and at the end of the teatox most of the toxins should be removed out of your body.


The results I experienced  on my weight have been different but my weight was lower every time I started it. The most I lost was 6.3 kg which is about 14 pounds in 28 days. Also I experienced having more energy and feeling less bloated as usual. I must say I have a history of bad digestion and normally had to use laxatives. The bootea night tea has a laxative effect! This effect caused that I didn’t have to use normal (chemical) laxative any longer.

I don’t recommend Bootea to everyone but if you’re trying to loose weight and eat healthier you should try it out for yourself. Every body is different and will react to it differently. For me it’s my favourite and perfect after a period of eating unhealthy.



7 thoughts on “Bootea, my favorite teatox

    1. It can be bought online on the site of bootea but in my country it’s also available at some eco stores. I bought it on sale but the original price is about £30 for the 28 day. I don’t know for sure!


  1. Hi Karin, I just came across a comment you left on Instagram about a workout program, wondering whether or not you could take it to the gym. Have you heard of Beachbody products? They have many programs that include nutrition plans, some are apartment friendly. There is also a smart phone app available for you to stream the workouts so you could easily do them at the gym as well. If you are curious, you can find more information on my website, or find my on Instagram beckylynn000. I’ve been using their programs and supplements for the past 6 years and love them. Hope it was ok to leave a comment here, I wasn’t sure how else to reach you! 🙂


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