Update on life

First of all I want to thank everybody for reading and following my blog even though I’ve been absent for months now. There’s no excuse for abandoning my blog like this. I started it to share my thoughts and activities as a student nurse and a woman with PCOS. In the past months I graduated from nursing school. I am a nurse level 6 right now, which is the highest level in the Netherlands.

In the summer I got my diploma and started to look around for jobs. I got a great one at a homecare organisation about 30 minutes away from home. I am the headnurse of a part of the city I am working at: ‘Drachten’. I’ve never been in ‘Drachten’ before I got the job there. I do have my dentist over there but he’s on the outside of the city. I’ve got the responsibility for about 70 patients and have a team of 15 people to work with. I’ve been loving my job so far. It has been busy yet satisfying to use my skills as a nurse.

Besides graduating and getting my first real job, my boyfriend and I started living together. I moved out of ‘Groningen’, the city I wrote about on my blog before, to ‘Driezum’. It’s a small place in the north of the Netherlands. It has a about 3 streets, a small church, bar and fastfoodbar. Our house is on the edge of the village, we have a beautiful view on the fields and nature around us.

Of course we went on a road trip this summer. This time it was to Scotland. I will try to write a blog post about that as soon as possible. I haven’t been able to take a lot of pictures this summer because my camera broke and besides all the money that had to be spent for our new furniture and roadtrip, I couldn’t afford to buy a new camera… I díd make a personal vlog about it on my youtube channel though. 🙂

A small waterfall in Scotland
The ‘Harry Potter’ Train in Scotland

So that’s the short update about the past few months that I haven’t been posting. I’ve missed writing here and I would love to hear suggestions about what you guys would like to see next. Thank you for reading!

Love, Karin



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