A new family member

Last Saturday I picked up my new family member ‘Maya’. She’s an eight weeks old kitten. She was born January third. My colleague at work told me a friend of hers got kittens and showed me a picture. I was sold! I was looking for a playmate for my 10 year old cat and this was the perfect opportunity. 

She’s very sweet and shy. Not dominant at all. That’s good because my older cat ‘Mogwai’ is very shy too. They have been very scared of each other but it’s getting better. Since she was born in the winter she’s very small for her age. 

For now she has been adapting well to her new home and owner. And as we speak she’s chewing on my hair bun. I know it’s not the most interesting post but I haven’t posted in such a long time and I thought it would be nice to share. Thank you for reading! 


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