Good Coffee to start the day

This afternoon I will give the presentation of my thesis at the company I researched. It’s going to be an exciting yet thrilling day. After my oatmeal breakfast I decided to start the day with coffee. Here in Groningen my absolute favorite coffeeshop is Black&Bloom. No not that kind of coffeeshop the Netherlands is famous of, they just serve coffee.

The Menu

Today I picked the Kenya Nyeri Kii. This coffee is from Caff√®nation in Antwerpen. It’s lightly roasted coffee made with an aeropress. The taste notes are fruity, clean aroma, chocolate and spicy notes. The coffee is served at 80-90 degrees celcius but the taste gets better and fruitier after it cools down a bit.

Kenya Nyeri Kii Filter Coffee

Black and Bloom is the first artisan espressobar in Groningen. They serve coffee from all over the world, roasted by the best roasters in Europe. I really like the laid back atmosphere in Black and Bloom. You can lounge on the couch, work on school projects at a table or have business meetings.

Fun fact! All the baking goods are home made by the owners wife and even though I haven’t tried all of them yet, the ones I tried are delicious and so original. They vary from brownies to peanutbutter’n’jelly amazeballs. A peanut butter cake with jelly inside. If you’re ever planning to visit Groningen I definitaly recommend to try this coffeeshop. ¬†My favorite the ‘Malteser cheesecake’ and favorite drink besides coffee? Absolutely the ‘Cold drip ‘n’ Ginger Ale’. This cold drip is a coffee elixer made in the Yama coffee dripper. It takes about 10 hours to make an elixer from filter coffee. It’s mixed with Ginger Ale, ice and fresh mint leaves. I can’t think of a better way to start a busy day!

The Cakes of today
Chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate brownies